Modern Ultrasonic Air Purifier

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Our KBAYBO Air Purifier Uses Ultrasonic Waves Technology to produce a cool mist with a special and unique fragrance that functions as a natural energy booster, method of relaxation, and increase to mental clarity.

The Purifier will call upon your senses and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable through the vaporization of 100% Pure Water-soluble Essential Oils and Water Into the Fresh Air.

  • The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is characterized by its modern and remarkably distinctive wood grain, which is very similar to a beautiful flower-vase. This means that whether you choose to place it in your office, salon, yoga studio, or just your child’s room, you can not be mistaken! The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is just perfect and will definitely match any interior design.
  • The ultrasonic essential diffuser comes with a great capacity and wide aromatherapy coverage, effectively freshening the air in your room. 
  • Beautifully, the aroma humidifier has a 7-color LED light that you can easily change and adjust to fit your mood. 
  • For a cozy and calm ambiance, choose the right timer setting for you (1H, 3H, 6H, or ON). And that’s not all! This aroma diffuser consists of an auto-off safety system, which activates when the water runs out, so you never have to worry! 
  • Add a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil to this versatile diffuser to fill your space with lovely fragrance and serenity. Or use it without oils to keep your skin hydrated.

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